The Curious Creative

Unapologetically Creative

The Curious Creative is a freelance designer, with a vibrant, modern aesthetic who specializes in visual storytelling and strategic design.

"Obsessed with logic puzzles as kid, I loved the ones compiled of stories that required critical thinking and deduction skills. No wonder I studied video editing in film school and later became a graphic designer. Life, like storytelling, is a giant puzzle. You have to assemble the pieces into something that resonates with you."


Living La Vida Creative

My latest project under construction is a blog called Living La Vida Creative. Focused on hyper-local coverage of all things lifestyle, food and culture-related, Living La Vida Creative is an extension of the Curious Creative brand that will showcase my writing talents. This teaser documents my day excursion to Baltimore to cover an art show hosted at the American Visionary Art Museum, an institution that celebrates self-taught artistry, sample the happy hour at their eco-friendly restaurant, Encantada, and witness their latest art exhibitions.



Aiming for an identity that exudes openness and community, I designed the pitchLove logo to project a stable and approachable personality, while using colors that evoked trust, calm and balance. I chose Proxima Nova for its clean, modern versatility and friendliness that translates everywhere.


Bag Borrow or Steal

Because I have a soft spot for retail branding, I often created mock-ups of different looks for Bag Borrow or Steal's email marketing outside my usual assignments. This mockup went one step farther when I created copy appealing to today's style-conscious shopper to support the design I had in mind.  

"Brain Teaser" photo by Tom Eversley